Accelorator mass spectrometry for dating

The Lawrence cyclotron was first used in clinical trials at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 1954.

Currently there are around 30,000 particle accelerators dotted across the globe, with over 40 million medical patients having benefited, either by diagnosis or treatment, from almost 60 years of medical research using linear accelerators.

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The development of medicine has been always been dependent on the evolution of our knowledge of physics.

1) There is in Oviedo, Spain, a relic of the Passion of Christ — the blood-stained cloth that wrapped the head of Christ immediately after the crucifixion.

According to a fifth century testimonial of the cathedral of Oviedo, the relic is the Sudarium of which we read in the Gospel of St.

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Herein we ralize the infinite love of God for us and the great wickedness of the sins of man. These discoveries include the new scientific findings about the original Carbon-14 dating of the Shroud in the early 1980’s, which apparently dated the Shroud back only to the twelfth century.

How appropriate and beneficial it would be for us to spend some of our time during this holy season of Lent in serious meditation on the Passion. Some of these discoveries are listed as follows: 1) The relationship of the blood and the image on the Shroud of Turin to the blood and the image on the Sudarium (the burial face cloth of Christ of Oviedo, Spain); 2) The images of unique flowers on the Shroud; 3) The presence of particulate pollen on the Shroud; 4) The molecules of limestone found on the Shroud; 5) The analysis of the VP-8 Image Analyzer of NASA; 6) The presence of bacteria on the Shroud which obstructed the original Carbon-14 dating.

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Dear friends and benefactors, According to many of the saints and spiritual writers, one of the most efficacious means available to us to advance in the spiritual life is meditation on the Passion and Death of our Divine Savior Jesus Christ. Besides these, there is yet another way to meditate on the sufferings of christ to form in our minds a vivid description of the price Jesus paid for our Redemption. Within the past year, a documentary on the Shroud has shed new scientific light on the authenticity of this ancient artifact.