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Durban - Durban’s Essence Festival was not successful and cost ratepayers unnecessary millions, the DA in Kwa Zulu-Natal said on Tuesday.The event, based on a festival held in New Orleans, USA, was “less than African”, provincial party leader Zwakele Mncwango said. Mncwango, who is a member of e Thekwini municipality’s executive committee, said officials had confidentially informed him of excessive expenditure and minimal public participation throughout the festival.Sometimes it takes a bit of a push for one to truly pursue his dreams.

Meaning, you can get an organiser in South Africa and Durban and take this concept and adopt and make it an African way.”Mncwango claimed the sound system for the event was imported from a US-based company and asked why it could not have come from a local service provider.

When they eventually do find a place they could live, they are no sooner on the threshold than the same weird things start happening all over again.

Desperate and hysterical once more, he seeks help again from Father Doug who is firmly against coming into contact with anything paranormal ever again.

Visiting a place like Disney World, which was created because of one man’s wild imagination will solidify anyone’s decision to be a DREAMER.

On March 8, airports all around the country began to see eager students, parents, families, chaperones and various media head toward terminals and gates that were heading to Orlando International Airport.