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Gallery chiefs themselves admit they sought legal advice before including the picture, titled Spiritual America, in the Pop Life: Art In A Material World show.The exhibition also features huge sexually explicit images of penetration and works made from the pages of pornographic magazines.Asked about her best 'health tip,' the runway maven was honest.'Truly, when I get enough sleep and drink enough water.However, visitors to a preview showing yesterday found the room closed.The Tate chose to include the picture in the Pop Life: Art In A Material World after consulting lawyers.As one of the world's greatest supermodels, alongside the likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, the bold brow beauty first came on the scene at 11 months old.

The artist himself described the 1983 work, which is in fact a photograph of a photograph taken by another artist, Gary Gross, as 'an extremely complicated photo of a naked girl who looks like a boy made up to look like a woman'.

I don't think there's a trick to being healthy; I think we all know what our limitations are,' she told Healthy Living magazine.

'There's no "drink lemon juice after fried chicken." It's about being honest with yourself and saying, "Yep, I'll have to eat less and exercise more than I'm consuming,'" or "I'm going to have to lay back on drinking and not sleeping.'" 'Balancing seems to be the biggest tip. It gets real simple; there's no pill.'Vogue's youngest cover girl - who first graced the magazine at 14 - has been modelling since she was a baby, literally.

She starred in the titular role of the sitcom Suddenly Susan, which ran for four seasons between 19.

Shields has made appearances in other television shows, including That '70s Show and Lipstick Jungle, and A Monsterous Holiday.