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He pretty much puts everything together that I need to do for the fight: the wrestling, the kickboxing, the jiu-jitsu. Liddell is really one of the best fighters in the world right now and I think I [will] have my hands full because of the [UFC 47] loss, but I think I've really matured a lot as a fighter. You're known for printing up T-shirts after your matches.

But then I bring in training partners for each of those styles. Of course, I have this guy Jake [O'Brien] who fights as a heavyweight in the UFC and wrestled for Purdue. -- an 11-hour period where my body is resting a whole bunch so I'm able to train like that. For example, in your Ken Shamrock fight, the last one, you wore a "Punishing Him Into Retirement" shirt. Things that motivate me are the things I express on my T-shirts mostly. You'll have to tune in to pay-per-view to see what T-shirt I put on after I win my world title.

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(2011) There was a moment with a heckler where - I haven't thought about this in so long - I think I was having such a strong performance that night that this guy's date was attracted to my powerful energy - me being the guy performing.

She was murdered in a botched attempt on the life of Anna Devane in 2001 (resulting in the donation of her heart to Laura Kirk-English). Openly hostile to Angie's relationship with Jesse Hubbard, since he thought Jesse was not good enough for his daughter.

Mother of David Hayward, Trey Kenyon, and Leo du Pres, she comes to town to reconcile with her estranged son David and interfere in his romance with Erica Kane (whom she hates for being raped and impregnated by her former lover, Richard Fields).

His showmanship and outspokenness have opened up opportunities outside the UFC that make Ortiz arguably the most recognizable fighter -- and possibly the most controversial -- in all of mixed martial arts. 7 to talk to me by phone from Big Bear, Calif., where he was preparing for the Liddell fight. I've been coming to Big Bear now for the last six-and-a-half years to get away from the city. Up here there's nowhere to go out [and] friends can't came over to visit. The altitude has a lot to do with it also -- we're at 8,000 feet. He's holding the world title and nothing is better than [getting] the gold back around my waist. I think this time around I'm trying to stick to the game plan the whole fight and my hand will be raised at the end.

What follows are the highlights of an interview in which the complete Ortiz is on display, answering a range of questions -- from his childhood to his experiences fighting in the UFC to his relationship with Jenna Jameson to his views on the war in Iraq. Liddell First of all, are you training in Big Bear (Calif.) right now? A lot of fighters take things for granted when they are at home training. But I think more than anything, it's really just [about] secluding myself -- it's about training, focusing on fighting and not really worrying about anything else going on in my life. Actually, from time to time I get different training partners, but one of my main trainers is Saul Soliz from Texas. What are you working on specifically for this fight? Well, I think all the same stuff [as the first fight]. If I told you exactly I'd be giving away my game plan and I can't really do that (laughing).

He's facing the second-degree murder charge, along with three counts of malicious wounding and one count of failing to stop at an accident that resulted in death ...

according to the superintendent of the Albemarle Regional Jail. the suspect Fields appears to deliberately drive his Dodge Challenger into a group of counterprotesters walking down the street, then floors it in reverse in an attempt to flee.