Errors encountered validating document

This applies not only to the principal source document loaded from the command line, but to all documents loaded via the doc() and document() functions.

The schemas to be used to validate these source documents can be specified either by using the xsl:import-schema declaration in the stylesheet, or using option on the command line.

(For inline XBRL submissions, the underlying XBRL content will be extracted prior to performing the validation.) Using the service The XBRL validation service allows users to submit XBRL based reports (or instance documents) for testing.

Submitted accounts will be tested for conformance with the XBRL v2.1 specification, and for conformance with the appropriate UK GAAP taxonomies (and Companies House Audit Exempt taxonomies for 'raw' XBRL submissions).

One area I have encountered problems in the past is with dates being inserted using different data types.

Example: (command line notation used for brevity) The communication issues that lead to this problem is a story for another time, but needless to say a fair amount of data cleanup was required to fix the issue as the primary application that read the data was expecting an ISO date.

Now all documents in the date collection are required to contain the date field.This script uses WSDL to obtain the near-term forecast for a location within the United States using latitude and longitude.In the course of validating Py XB 1.2.0, it was discovered that the National Weather Service has added some new elements to their schema, with the result that the servers no longer provide valid XML: in particular, order constraints on individual forecast characteristics are violated. While the script needs to be cleaned up considerably, the following code block shows how the retrieved XML document is converted into a binding instance: *** ERROR validating response: The containing element parameters is defined at ndfd_data.xsd[].The code issue was solved by using a shared library that defined the database mapping object.Now let’s take a look at how document validation could be used to solve this problem.