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A Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) update is a software utility that updates the programming of the most basic hardware in your computer.A BIOS update can often fix problems and/or add features to the computer's BIOS.Follow the steps below to upgrade your Inspire 1’s firmware, including the firmware for the remote controller and battery. Extract the all downloaded files into the root directory of the SD card.Updating the Aircraft Firmware Step 1- Check Battery and SD Card Capacity Ensure the Intelligent Flight Battery and Remote Controller have at least 50% power and there is at least 100MB of free space on the SD card. Download the firmware update package from the official DJI website . Remove the SD card from your PC and insert it into the SD card slot on the Inspire 1 camera. Connect your mobile device to the remote controller, power on the remote controller, and launch the DJI GO app to obtain information about firmware update progress.Sometimes, however, when the patch, or maybe even service pack, is being installed during shutdown or startup, the update installation gets stuck - freezes, locks up, stops, hangs, clocks... Windows Update is taking forever and it's time to fix the problem.The installation of one or more Windows updates is probably stuck or frozen if you see one of the following messages persist for a long time: is all you'll see on the screen.There might also be some wording differences depending on which version of Windows you're using.If you don't see anything at all on screen, especially if you think the updates might have been installed completely, see our How to Fix Problems Caused by Windows Updates tutorial instead.

Suppose your working copy is at revision 100, but you want it to reflect the state which it had in revision 50 - then simply update to revision 50. This opens a new dialog where you can check all items you want in your working copy and uncheck all the items you don't want.The acronym BIOS stands for Basic Input/Output System.BIOS is a firmware that is embedded onto the System Board of your computer.Much more rarely are they're caused by a mistake on Microsoft's part regarding the update itself.Any of Microsoft's operating systems could experience freezing issues during Windows updates including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and more.