Intuitive sensor dating

When they are done talking, ask them specific details about it.Note whether they are to share SENSING details such as who was wearing what, colors, sights, sounds, who said what, who did what, etc.

The MBTI® Perceiving Preference, which explains how we process information and our subjective views of the world, includes two distinctly opposite preferences: Sensing and Intuition.

Those that prefer Sensing take in information from the outside world through their five senses, including sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch, and use this objective information to formulate their ideas based on what is presently concrete and substantial.

Intuitive Types, although they do use their five senses, prefer to then develop more insight-driven ideas or opinions, rather than taking the information they perceive purely at face value.

They make very specific observations about the things that are going on around them, and they do not attribute any meaning to those observations.

An Intuitive might experience the same flight like this: Intuitives read between the lines to size up a situation and take intellectual leaps of faith about the meaning of things.