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He plays an “anonymous” source spilling the beans on the rampant scandals that plagued the fictional 1982 Tour de France. You know, this is the second sports mockumentary we’ve done with HBO—we being, Murray Miller, myself and also our director, Jake Szymanski. He’s the only recurring character in the two films. But, yeah, there’s a lot of stuff that’s not that far from the truth. It was a fun place to start because we know we’re going to go even crazier. How important is it, when you are doing a sendup like this, to have some of those trappings be real?

So, for starters, why so much male nudity in this film. The first one was with my Lonely Island bros and we had full frontal male nudity in that. He sort of carved out that niche for himself because he is constantly getting naked unprompted socially. I don’t think it’s a priority necessarily, but it does lend authenticity. And it’s always fun to have a little bit of knowledge of what you’re dealing in.

While most of the main cast have been with the series since it debuted in April 2009, actors Rob Lowe and Adam Scott joined the cast late in the second season portraying Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt, two state auditors who later take permanent jobs in Pawnee.K., John Larroquette, Justin Theroux and Parker Posey.Megan Mullally, Offerman's real-life wife, played his character's ex-wife Tammy Swanson, and Poehler's former husband Will Arnett made an appearance as a man on a blind date with Leslie.“I mean, I probably shouldn’t have put it out there, because now I’m on ET talking about it.Look, it’s an internal dialogue that is ever-present.” For now, the late-night host is focused on his many jobs.