Online dating service yellow pages

Is this form of dating really the hotbed of love and romance suggested by the catchy television commercials?Statistics on the success of online dating remain questionable, but research has shown that if people can navigate the sometimes murky arena of online dating, it can prove to be a helpful tool for finding life partners.Scammers are targeting small businesses at busy times when they are most vulnerable to fall victim.The very idea behind yellow pages scam is to trick innocent small business owners and falsely register them for services that charge them monthly.

However, Sensis warns that such faxes are no way related to the company.

While Coloccia's experiences may show the more extreme side of online dating, millions of other people have found relationships over the Internet.

But are those relationships any more successful than those started the traditional way?

They tend to approach them with the intent to confirm the contact details of the small businesses.

However on the other side, the fax is basically an agreement to sign up to online businesses directories and other services related to them which charge the users on a monthly basis.