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In 1,139 rounds in his PGA Tour career as a pro, Woods has been paired with Mickelson just 32 times -- or less than 3 percent of their rounds.‘s episode titled “Breakdown at Daylight,” Dumas, Arkansas detectives will retrace facts in the case.When news first broke of Woods' return in September, Mickelson said that he would like to play with Woods during the tournament."I'm hoping we can get paired together [at the Safeway Open].That would be really fun," Mickelson told last month. It's great to have him back, and hopefully he's physically able to practice the way he needs.''The two rarely get paired together, often to spread out TV ratings among two of the sport's biggest draws.A lot of people don't realize how much these plastic bottles are destroying our planet and killing animals and creatures in the sea and how damaging it is."While she focuses on staying hydrated and eating organic produce, the star said she's doesn't diet or work out—instead, she relies on her hectic schedule to stay fit."I'm constantly traveling and doing so many things that I'm always running around, whether it's to airports or the studio or DJ-ing and performing for hours and dancing— I just lead a very busy life with all the businesses I have to run, so I think that's a workout in itself," she explained. "I'm just too busy with my other work and business endeavors.

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The tournament also announced that one of Woods' pro-am partners on Wednesday will be Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry, who is known to have a strong game on the course, too.

Maddie Briann was the result of teenage pregnancy; a pregnancy that caused public controversy for Aldridge, since Spears was underage, at the time.

Casey Aldridge escaped a felony statutory rape charge and twice attempted to raise Maddie with Jamie Lynn Spears.

Both times, the couple ended their relationship, and Spears went on to marry businessman Jamie Watson in 2014.

The last time Aldridge made headlines was in June 2016, when called Jamie Lynn Spears’ “baby daddy,” had apparently been charged with DUI, reckless driving, and possessing paraphernalia, all in Mississippi; the southern state where Aldridge and Spears met, gave birth to Maddie, got engaged, bought a house together, and twice called it quits.