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Over the years 'the torturer in chief' has accumulated huge wealth while most Equatorial Guineas remain in crushing poverty, with little or no access to decent healthcare or education.

The country has become sub-Saharan Africa's third-biggest oil producer in recent years, but the wealth is not shared across the nation.

In the opener Chris Lyons went all the way allowing one run and three hits.

In the nightcap Marquis Gill had a no hitter for six until the Bulldog's bats woke up and tied the game in the sevent.

Bobby Yarbrough added a base hit chasing in three runs and Justin Mc Cauley added two RBI for the 'Skins.

Jess nous en dit plus sur son personnage, Grace en ces termes "Grace grandit beaucoup, et elle a quelqu'un de spécial dans sa vie, elle aura toujours ce quelqu'un spécial dans sa vie.He won the Best Actor in a Supporting role BAFTA award last Sunday and is nominated in the same category at the Oscars for his emotional turn in Lion.And while Dev Patel, 26, has blossomed into a heavy-hitting acting talent, he rose to fame a decade ago as awkward and permanently 'horny' teen Anwar Kharral in E4 drama Skins.The lovable lad was branded the 'worst Muslim ever' by his pals on the show due to his relentless drug-taking, drinking and eagerness to have sex with anyone - as long as they aren't related to him.Back in the day: Dev Patel, 26, has blossomed into a heavy-hitting acting talent with a Best Actor in a Supporting role BAFTA to his name - but fans will still remember him as gangly, sex-obsessed Anwar Kharral in E4 drama Skins Fans might remember Dev's toe-curlingly embarrassing sex scenes, which sees Anwar list Hugh Grant films aloud in a bid to prevent premature ejaculation.'Do you mind if I list the complete filmography of Hugh Grant since 92? 'To slow things down'.'Bitter Moon, Remains Of The Day, Sirens, Four Weddings, An Awfully Big Adventure', he begins, moaning and panting heavily in between his words and he moves on top of her.