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A lower but not inconsequential figure is one suggesting that 5.20% of Australians have taken the same option, many of whom make the short flight to Thailand for an alternative place to live.British men comprise the largest number of expats living in Thailand; nearly double that of their US counterparts.Before I receive comments from readers claiming that the cost of sex in other Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Burma or even the Philippines is cheaper than here in Thailand, let me say this: It’s true that you can generally get a hooker in Phnom Penh cheaper for 50 USD for the whole night (that’s actually more than most people think before first going there) compared to generally 2,000-3,000 Baht for a long time with a Thai bar girl (55-83 USD).However, in Thailand you get a much better if you look at the bigger picture, your whole sex holiday, because it has the best infrastructure and overall entertainment in the region.Check out more at her all exclusive new site below!

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And when you eventually leave your hotel room after another session rubbing up and down that smooth-like-silk skinned hot Asian thing you might not want to get a view like this in downtown Phnom Penh (literally 50 meters from the river promenade): But more like this, a (mostly) clean environment and a (more or less) well organized and easy to navigate public transportation system like in Bangkok: I have already touched some price aspects in the introduction and I guess this is also one of the things you are most curious about while planning your trip and making a reasonable budget.

The UN recently published a milestone report on the growing numbers of people who are migrating from country to country across the world.

Most move from economically poor countries to economically rich ones but there has been a hint of change.

Figures from the UK government suggest that as many as 10% of British people are now living abroad.

While many live in Australia or EU countries such as Spain, a sizeable population of British men has moved to Thailand.